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What would it be like to restore the freedom, direction and energy in your life? Would it be a welcome change? Sometimes we may all get stuck or feel like we’ve hit a wall that robs us of meaning, purpose, or color in our lives. And while some of the problems in life can be clear and understood there are also those that frequently stay hidden in plain sight. Within the habitual patterns, activities, and relational patterns that consume our thoughts, time, and energies week after week, year after year can be that feeling of emptiness and the deception that there is no way out.


You are not alone but there are opportunities for change!

Depression, trauma, addiction, toxic relationships, anxiety, mood swings, and pain from the past can all play a role in keeping you feeling shut down and unmotivated. Find help and a partnership away from the pain and back on to your pathway of purpose and value! Restore your faith and your hope and rediscover your personality, fun, energy and quality of life, work, and relationships. I have a license to help and have a desire and training to walk with you where it may seem too dark or hopeless to go.  


What is “Brief” therapy?

Most approaches to therapy involve a desire for change. How a therapeutic relationship serves to uncover the steps or motivation for change can look different from person to person and also on the type of therapy a healthcare provider is using.

Solution focused therapy (SFT) is a kind of counseling that uses a client’s personal strengths, perspective, and life story in a therapeutic quest for solutions. In the process, clients often discover episodes in their lives when the problem was not in control or was less intense or more manageable. SFT helps you recognize your abilities and resilience and where your attention and actions play a role in changing your life. That makes you the expert! Who or how do you want to be?

Other effective models of therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy look more at the problematic patterns of thinking and how those impact emotional state. Some ideas become stuck or inflexible and can hinder living fully or compromise quality of life. Using these elements allows for a wider range of possible interpretations to the past and present life around us.

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Our Focus

My aim as a therapist is to help find an approach that I am trained to use and that suites who you are and what you need. You are my primary focus and understanding how you work is my objective. I employ elements of many therapeutic models and systems to increase your awareness of your own capabilities and opportunities for better health and life.

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