Would you like to have a constant flow of customers, clients, or patients and never have to look new ones?


You are in the right place if . . .

  • You could use a constant flow of customers, clients, or patients.
  • You love your business but you never get to work ON it because you are always working in it.
  • You would like to discover how to reach the people who need and want to hire you.
  • You sometimes ask yourself how other successful professionals do it.


I’m Kathleen and I was born an entrepreneur but didn’t know it.

My mother tried to raise 3 kids with child support and food stamps. It was not a good financial situation.

Around the age of 10 I realized that the fastest way to making money is to provide a service to people. I started offering services to family members – cleaning, organizing, babysitting. In exchange they paid me, sometimes I got a whole dollar to dust my Grandma’s entire house. I had the entrepreneurial spirit.

While earning my Master’s Degree, I worked for several different small businesses. It was through these experiences that I learned of the patterns that made a business successful, as well as, what made some small businesses struggle all the time. It broke my heart to see that something so simple as following up – the fastest, most direct path to growth, more revenue, and more income, was neglected. That’s when I developed my caring for anybody that is a business owner.

I also spent several years as a volunteer firefighter. We got the same training as paid firefighters and did the same work, but we also had the added component of fundraising to support our work.

While I was there not only did I help sell raffle tickets to raise money, but I also went into burning buildings to help put out fires. It was a crazy, courageous time in my life.

But it doesn’t quite compare to the risks you take as a business owner. Not only are you providing some kind of service for your customers, clients, or patients, but you are also responsible for the financial livelihood of your employees. They depend on you to bring in the business to write the paychecks that feed their families. That takes guts.

It also takes some strategic planning and consistent implementation of systems to make your business run smoothly, effectively, and to create a profit. Without effective systems, several obstacles arise that can put your profits at risk and take away the freedom that you wanted when you started your own business in the first place.

That’s where I come in. I help small business owners and professionals make more money with the same customers, clients, or patients, get more loyal customers, clients or patients in the door, and use the Internet to help make it happen.


Imagine if you could . . .

  • Reach the people who need and want your services.
  • Get a constant flow of loyal customers who refer you to more awesome loyal customers.
  • Build a profitable and sustainable business that allows you the freedom to enjoy the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

My website is full of resources for small business owners and professionals, to help you get more customers, sell bigger ticket items, and sell more to repeat customers.

The blog in particular, has information about using the Internet and social media to attract more customers and how to follow up with them to become repeat customers and great fans of your business.

I would love to give you a special report, my Business Success Blueprint. It outlines my entire strategy for  keeping in touch with your customers, clients, and patients and to never have to look for a new customer again.

Just tell me where to send it. Enter your first name and best email address below.


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To your success,

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