It’s important to have the right framework when deciding how to market your small business. In this post we’re just going to cover marketing tips for your blog. A blog is just one of many marketing tools you can use to promote your small business.

1. Know your audience

By audience, I mean the one person you are really speaking to. Your blog needs to be about the reader, your customer, not you and what you do. It is about your audience and how you solve their problems.

Who is he/she? Do they work? Where? How old are they? How often do they eat out or are they cook-at-home people? Are they married? Kids?

Knowing your target audience is essential when planning marketing for your small business. Check out this video by Eben Pagan,a master marketer, on how to create and communicate with your target audience.

2. Your blog is not for sale

Do not try to monetize your blog by selling advertisements on your blog. You’ll only make pennies on the dollar and it is not supporting your brand image. Your blog is your platform to position yourself as the small business profesionnal above all other small business professionals, not the business subsidized by cheap advertisements.

3. Use the right blogging tool

So many blogging platforms,, Typepad, Blogger, etc. own all of the content published on their platforms, not you, the creator of your own content. It is the same on Facebook – everything posted on Facebook becomes the property of Facebook to do with what it pleases.

If you are blogging to grow and market your business you need a blogging tool where you own your own content. is such a platform. It is installed on your domain with your hosting so it belongs totally to you. As it should.

4. Be consistent

If you’ve read my other posts then you know consistency is the key for a successful ezine. That same consistency rule applies here as well. If blogging is the place for you to share your voice with your audience, then you need to share it regularly.

How often is debated by every Internet expert out there but some of this depends on your level of enthusiasm for writing. Once a month seems too long between posts for staying top of mind with your readers and potential customers. Blogging every week might feel like too much with all of your other work as a business owner. Shoot for once every two weeks, keep it fun for you. Your readers will be able to tell from your writing style if you have enjoyed what you’ve written or if it feels like drudgery.

5. Plan ahead

This particular idea, while it may seem like common sense, is not a marketing idea that small business owners embrace often enough. Take some time to brainstorm, say 30 minutes, what you might be able to write about for the next 6 months and block that time into your calendar.  Don’t censor any ideas at first, just list as many as you can and the go back to choose your best ones and block time in your schedule every other week to write about that topic.

Each of these essentials are no good for your marketing strategy if you don’t implement them. If you work better with a deadline try using the Pomodoro Technique to make progress faster.


To your success,

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