With so much information out there on the World Wide Web, it can be difficult to know where to start and what information you should you trust. If you’d simply like to attract more clients and have a bigger impact from you work then pay attention closely to the marketing strategies for small business below.

1. Attitude is Everything.

Your circumstances don’t matter; it’s how you deal with them. We’ve all heard this before but probably not in relation to marketing.

Your attitude or your mindset, about what marketing is can truly make a difference in what you do with your business to attract more clients. A colleague of mine teaches this mindset to her consulting clients and gave me permission to share it here:

“Marketing is the clear communication of value that attracts awesome clients.”

This means that while communication is happening, there still needs to be a connection between you, business owner, and me, prospective client. Value is what you are offering. What is valuable to me is if you can help me solve my problems. If I believe that you can help me then I am going to do business with you. If you are just writing an ad about how great you are or your product is and you don’t address how it will help me, then, you’ll be out of luck and I’ll be on to one of your competitors.

2. Your Website.

A clean, professional website does not have to be super expensive or complicated. In fact, it should be easy for your visitors to navigate. Your website may be the first place that people “meet” you online. If you don’t feel good about your website then change it because your visitors won’t feel good about it either and they’ll leave.

3. Your Content.

The language of your content should be reader focused and problem solving. Provide value. Offer some free help towards meeting their goals in exchange for their contact information. In fact, create and offer more than one gift. What you’re offering these days must be compelling and easy to implement right away.

A note about your “About” page. While it is about you, it’s not about your credentials and certifications. It is about why you are the best person to help your visitor. This is the place to share results that you have helped your clients achieve and to share why it is that you do what you do.

4. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it considers how search engines, like Google, Yahoo, or Bing work, what people search for, and the actual keywords searched. Optimizing your site may include editing your content to include keywords that are appropriate for your topic or altering the coding to increase your website’s relevance to specific keywords. There’s more to it than that but you need to understand the basics to be sure your content is going to make you found by the search engines when someone is searching for what you have to offer, services or products.

Here is a short video from Google about what business owners should pay attention to:


5. Email Marketing

Every email you send is an opportunity to create value and get new clients. You need to plan these opportunities and be consistent with them or your prospective clients won’t know who you are and will probably delete your email.

There are 2 ways to communicate via email as part of your marketing strategy:

  1. The newsletter – send this regularly; the frequency depends on your business. For example, if you’re a farmer and the peaches are ready for pickin’ then you might send an email once a week when the fruit is at its best so that people can enjoy it the most. If you’re an accountant, then you might consider sending gentle reminders on tax prep once a month to address monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting.


  1. The broadcast or solo email – this is separate from your newsletter and used for everything that cannot wait until the next issue of your newsletter – news, invitations, special offers, etc.


6. Social Media

I bet you thought we’d never get to Social Media!   Well, it’s here at the end because it is not the place to start. You’ve got to have your website and your messages and your free gifts and invitations. Then you can use Social Media to invite people to take advantage of your free gifts.

These are 6 of the best marketing tips for small business owners to take when considering making or redoing a website. With so many Internet marketing strategies out there it can be easy to get lost. Just remember, have the right attitude, keep it clean and simple, have value-added problem solving content, keep in touch with your list on a regular basis, and use social media to bring them in!


To your success,

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