As we have mentioned before, a blog is an important online marketing tool for your small business. What’s more important is having a goal for your blog so that your efforts are productive.

Your blog goal or objective is what you want to have happen for your business. A call to action is the next step you want your prospects or customers, clients, or patients to take. These are not the same but are directly related.

The number one goal of your blog should be to build a list of subscribers. Remember that less than 20% of sales happen on the first meeting? Getting someone on your list gives you the opportunity to create those next several contacts. Visitors to your website most likely will not buy or hire you the first time they visit and if they leave your site without giving you their contact information, they might never find you again.

Once you have permission to follow up with them, you can start building a relationship by offering value, and consistently sharing the myriad ways to work with you or enjoy your products and services.

So if the goal is to build your list, then a call to action is to sign up for your newsletter. If the goal is to strengthen your relationship with existing customers, clients, or patients in order to make more sales or get more referrals, then a call to action could be to use a limited time promotional code for a discount on the next purchase.

If you have a goal to build your credibility and trust, then a call to action is for your customer to open your emails and read them regularly.

Other small business online marketing goals might be

  • To get more speaking engagements
  • To increase the understanding of the services you provide
  • To promote your products
  • To engage, educate, and motivate your audience
  • To position yourself as an authority or expert in your field

Once you have determined the goal for your blog, your content and the next action steps for your readers become more obvious. Keep in mind Internet marketing for your small business is a dynamic process. Your website and your blog are living documents and that your goals for each may change as your business grows and changes. When your blog goal changes, change the corresponding action step for your reader. You can’t attack multiple goals in every blog, the next steps won’t be clear for your reader and you want them to clearly take the one step that is most likely to help you reach your goal. Work the process, one goal at a time and you will see progress.


To your success,

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