To review from the previous blog, your first strategy to build your list to increase your ezine income is to provide results-oriented content by asking and answering three questions about your business objective, your target audience, and what steps you want your audience to take.

Moving on, the next strategy gets to the online marketing tools.


Strategy #2 Actively Market Your Ezine

When you are already providing great content people will value what you have to say and share your ezine with their friends. This in itself will grow your audience but it relies solely on the reader. They can’t do all the work!

As mentioned before, online marketing strategies for small business include your ezine. The ezine is one of the tools that work with and complement your website and your social media participation. You must actively market your ezine using both your website and social media. They all work hand-in-hand with each other to increase brand recognition and develop your relationship with your audience wherever they might find you first.


Use Your Website and Blog

Online marketing for small business includes a website and/or a blog. This is in addition to working on your ezine not instead of. If you only had to choose one method, the ezine is going to get you more bang for your buck, for all of the reasons we’ve already discussed, but also because you can use the ezine articles as your blog articles. Simple.

This is called archiving your articles. Write your article for your ezine with a link to your blog with the same article. Web browsers like great content and if you are posting your articles on your website then people who don’t already know you can find you doing searches. Then they can choose to read more of what you’ve written, beginning to develop a relationship with you by engaging with your content. They may then choose to subscribe to your ezine to hear even more.

This helps you to maximize your time writing content by putting it in two places instead of creating 2 original pieces every week or every time you send out a new ezine.

Articles from my monthly “Profitable Marketing” ezine always link to my blog. Then when people do a search on Google for a topic that I’ve written about, they find my site, learn about my ezine, etc. Search engines love good content and will easily list your articles, increasing the number of visitors you get. These are the basics of internet marketing for small business.

You can also provide permission for others to use your articles in their website or ezines provided they keep the content intact and credit you for the article and include your name and contact information. This is optional but another way to increase the visibility of content you write.


Use Social Media

Social media now plays a crucial role in small business online marketing. Yes that means Facebook or Twitter or whatever form of social media you are using. Remember it makes more sense for your tools to work with and complement one another rather than to use them as a stand-alone tool.


If you are providing great content in your ezine and placing that content on your blog, now you can notify your audience by letting them know on your preferred social media platform.

Social media provides a place for you to tell readers what will be coming up in the next ezine, keeping them up-to-date. Once someone has clicked on the link from your social media page they go directly to your website where they have the opportunity to see what other valuable information you provide. Then they can sign up for your ezine to get access to your content on a regular basis.

If you have a Freebie to give away, that is even better. You can market this free gift or tip or report on your social media page that links them back to your website and connects your reader to your ezine.

Social media provides a great way to connect all of these online marketing strategies to one another so that your work and the value you provide to your reader is seamless.

To your success,

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