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sandy beachWhen researching for your vacation, what do you look for? What are your top reasons of why you pick the destination that you do?  I know for many the number one reason is location.  Some people will say price is the first factor; others are looking more for what is available for surrounding attractions.  Any of these reasons are a great way to start the planning phase of your vacation, and Google can be your best friend when starting your search.


This week I decided to research the number one destination for Florida vacationer’s in the Panhandle, I already know that Panama City Beach is #1 in my book, but where exactly does PCB land on the Top 10 scales of Google?  It did not take long to find out, I typed in, “best vacation spots in the Florida Panhandle”, and there before me was my answer! Trip Advisor [the top trusted site by vacationer’s] had a numbered list, and PCB was #1 of 2017!  With 27 miles of white, sandy beaches and emerald waters it is a no-brainer that we’d be at the top of the food chain, but what makes us stand out you may ask?  The first thing I noticed was that Trip Advisor shows PCB with 2,846 vacation rentals, Destin with 2,454 and a bit farther down the list, Santa Rosa at 897 rentals.  All along the emerald coast are beautiful places to enjoy your vacation and not all are listed on Trip Advisor; but when first starting out looking for rentals, it is one of the first places people do look.  If you check out the VRBO website there are over 10,000 rentals alone in the PCB area.


Panama City Beach also has a lot more to offer than the surrounding areas when it comes to Gulf view rentals, easy beach access and area attractions.  Not long ago, I was talking with a couple who had been to PCB before and decided to try out Destin their following vacation.  It was beautiful of course, as it is along the whole emerald coast, but it wasn’t what they were hoping for.  The condo they rented was on an inlet to the bay, nothing wrong with inlets but when you want to hear crashing waves or feel the surf crashing against you then an inlet is not where you want to rent.  Since this vacation spot was on this man-made beach and they wanted a natural, wave crashing beach, they had to walk a mile and a half to the actual beach.


Not exactly a fun way to vacation but for some that is what they want. Along 30A there are many beautiful beaches, condos, and great restaurants; really it all comes down to what you want to get out of your own vacation.


Another reason Panama City Beach is at the top of the list, is because there is much more to do than just hanging out at the beach. Another couple that I spoke with, said that they choose PCB over other areas in the Panhandle because of the vast amenities available to them within a very short distance from where they stay. From a day out on the Seascreamer watching for dolphins to a waterpark called Shipwreck Island, where the thrill seeker can indulge those urges to test themselves in fear, are just to name a few activities. PCB offers amazing local restaurants that you can’t find anywhere else, pleasing the palate of food connoisseurs and tons of weekend events that the whole family can participate in.  PCB is no longer known as the place for Spring Break, it is known as the place for a great Vacation, but don’t just take my word for it, read the reviews across the internet, “I have fallen in love” is seen more times over than any other destination review read.  Can’t blame anyone for that, PCB overtakes you and there is no coming back from that.



Information obtained from: TripAdvisor LLC


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